What's New in 2006
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


  • Cookie Sewell gives his take on the new 105mm Sherman with M1 Dozer Blade from Academy.
  • Martin Dogger reviews Hobby Fan's M10 Accessories and Sandbags.
  • Blast joins the Kits and Reviews section, with three accessory reviews from me.
  • Happy holidays to all, and let us hope 2007 brings us greater peace on earth than we experienced in 2006.



  • For those of you salivating for the upcoming Dragon M2A1 halftrack, we have Cookie Sewell's review of this swell looking kit.
  • You'll need some Joes to fill your halftrack, so until someone else steps up to the plate it's worth checking out Tamiya's oldie-but-fairly-goodie U.S. Combat Group.
  • Scott Taylor has kindly provided some great photos of the standard halftrack suspension used by the numerous variants.
  • Tasca joins the list of aftermarket companies now being covered on this site. Check out my reviews of their two new .50 machine guns sets, and their superb early VVSS suspension.
  • Speaking of suspensions, Saul Garcia provides a review of the AFV Club update for the Stuart family.
  • Finally, my work a few months back on the C.G.M. cable splicer prompted me to build and review Italeri's venerable Willys Jeep with Trailer, a true oldie-but-goodie.
  • New kits have been announced: a series of halftracks from Trumpeter, and an M5A1 Light Tank Early Production from AFV Club. Add that to the two M4 high speed tractors announced early by Hobby Boss, and all the great Shermans and halftracks from DML and what year this has been for US AFV fans!


SPECIAL BULLETIN: DML has announced a new M2A1 Half-Track (poster A) (poster B)! This 2-in-1 kit allows you to build either the M2 or M2A1 that was seen across the world, from the sands of North Africa to the jungles of the Phillipines and up the Italian boot. Oh happy day!!!

Wow. We're coming up on this site's fourth anniversary next month. I'm now adding reviews of aftermarket upgrade, conversion, and accessory sets to the Kits and Review section. I'm not going to try to list all aftermarket products at this time (manufacturers can feel free to send me directly their lists of U.S.-themed kits), but I will review ones that I have on hand. We start with Tank Workshop's just-released repackaging of their halftrack wheel upgrade set with new suspension parts. Then we have reviews of three LionMarc sets to improve Sherman suspensions. And if that was not enough, you can check out four reviews of Tiger Model Design Sherman hatch upgrades.

But wait, there's more! DML's new M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII comes under the scrutiny of Cookie Sewell. And Roy Chow takes a big look at the M40 "Big Shot" 155mm GMC from AFV Club.

And last but not least, I've added WarWheels.net to the Links of Interest page as a good resource for info and photos of armored cars and wheeled fighting vehicles.





  • I've been distracted by springtime and too many 1:1 scale household projects, but Martin Dogger provides us with a look at Italeri's M4A3 76mm Sherman.




January — Happy New Year to One and All

  • First, thanks to the 100,482 visitors to this site last year. I appreciate your interest.
  • Martin Dogger rings in the year with his appraisal of M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer (Assault Support) as we continue to fill in reviews of Tamiya's ouvre.
  • The Kits and Review page welcomes a couple of new companies—Infinity Shape and ProfiKIT— whose initial U.S. themed-products warrants interest. I have a chance to review Infinity Shape's very nice General Patton.

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