U.S. Refueling Party
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This is a really great set of two tank crew members refueling their mount. Subject is good, and poses are unique to this set only, if I recall correctly.

As for the parts inside, there are two figures in the box, the large fuel drum, pump, and a jerry can. Tube for the pump has to be supplied by the modeller.

The guy with the jerry can and hose in his hand consists of five parts: legs and torso, left arm, right arm and head plus the jerry can. The parts are well cast, with some flash to clean up but there are no major air bubbles. The lower end of the neck had one, but easy to remedy. The sculptor gave this GI a wrench in his back pocket, a nice touch. The jerry can has the middle bar of the handle removed, which makes fitting the hands a bit easier. Adjust the fit, so it will complement the body language. Facial features are well defined, though maybe a bit bland. He wears the woolen jeep cap and HBT work uniform, another feature not often seen in figure sets and adding to the casual look of the figures.

The only gripe I have with this figure is the overall look of his body. His leg look fairly long compared to his torso. It's not that apparent in the box top photo, but it stems from his belt being fairly tight and high on the hips. This also gives him some of a Quasimodo look from the side. It will be very difficult to correct this, and a waste of the good sculpting.

His buddy is handling the pump, and is resting with his left shin on the fuel drum and right hand on his hip. Like I said, casual really. Again, we see good sculpting and casting, and there is a few area to watch out for. The left cheek has a strange 'roundel' but this will probably disappear under a coat of paint. He wears OD pants with a woolen sweater, high ankle buckle boots and also the beanie cap. You might want to change the boots to simple webbing types, as this makes the figure more useful for all theaters, than just late war.

The fuel drum is well cast, with dents in it. There are numbers on the bottom, which will look good with some drybrushing. There's a hole in the side, to mount the pump in. The pump is also well defined, but care is needed to remove it from the sprues. Should you mess this up, Academy has a plastic part in one of their tank accessory set.

Overall, a very good set with just a few areas needing attention. This set will be very useful for diorama builder. Jaguar also has some other sets to compliment this one, and these guys would just the men to supply the Royal Models tanker with some fuel. Add the Dragon figure, a tank commander and you've got the tank crew working on their chariot. Highly recommended.

-Martin Dogger



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