What's New — 2003
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

October, 2003

  • As you may have guess, I've been on a paratrooper kick the past few months, pulling together figures for a couple new dioramas. I've got reviews of the first two airborne sets from Nemrod, and the three recent sets from Verlinden.
  • Addition of 1/35 Construction Battalion from VLS, product updates for Skybow, AFV Club, and Italeri, and status update on YANKS orders.

September, 2003

July & August, 2003

  • I've decided to take these two months off, since I've been working fairly consistently on this site for well over a year now. I'm going to focus on developing some new content and finish my 155mm howitzer diorama. Stay tuned!

June, 2003

  • We're airborne again with reviews of five nice resin paratroopers from Warriors and Nemrod, and the original "Band of Brothers" from Italeri.
  • A set of photos of the Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 from Mike Bedard joins the AFV Photos page.
  • In the Sherman Corner, we have an article on improving Tamiya's mongrel M4 Sherman, and some good photo resources of turrets from Kurt Laughlin.
  • Two new manufacturers, Masters and Platoon, join the Kits and Review section, and there's an update on Verlinden figures.

May, 2003

  • The Sherman Corner features a new "tips and tweaks" article on Tamiya's M4A3 Sherman, which still holds up quite well in spite of its age. Many of the tips also apply to the company's recent late production and 105mm howitzer Shermans.
  • New reviews of some excellent figures from Nemrod and Hobby Fan.
  • Updated the Skybow page with some unsettling news.
  • Over 3500 visitors logged onto the site last month, not bad for a "non-German" website. If you visited the last couple days of April, you might have noticed we exceeded our bandwidth. That's been boosted up a bit now for your viewing pleasure.

April, 2003

  • Are you using the best available ration cartons on your AFV's? How do you sort through the various products available? Right here, with the comprehensive and instructive U.S. Army Field Rations. Bon apetit!
  • With Calibre 35's new release of a maintenance truck conversion set for Tamiya's GMC Cargo Truck, these photos of Ordnance Maintenance Trucks from Michael Powell and technical manual images will help modelers looking to add details and create some imaginative maintenance dioramas.

March, 2003

February, 2003

January, 2003 - Happy New Year!

November, 2002

October, 2002

  • Beta testing of the site.

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