Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Nemrod figures are produced in France by Historex. They are excellent in casting and detail, with little cleanup of seams required. They're mid-sized figures and are available in the U.S. from Squadron Mail Order. Prices are generally $10 for a single figure and $18 for a pair, but prices fluctuate as currencies fluctuate.

The three initial paratrooper sets were originally available through ADV.

35001U.S. Paratroopers With Bazooka
35004U.S. Paratroopers With Radio
35005U.S. Paratroopers With Thompson and Garand
35006U.S. Tanker, 1944 (wearing coveralls)
35017U.S. Tank Crew 1943-45 (4 figures)
35018U.S. Tank Crew Ardennes (4 figures)
35019U.S. Tank Crew 1944-45 (2 figures standing)
35025U.S. GI in Overcoat, Ardennes 1944
35030U.S. GI With BAR
35033U.S. Truck Driver 1944
35036U.S. GI, June 1944
35037U.S. Soldier Running With BAR, 30th Infantry Division
35038U.S. Soldier Running With Rifle Grenade, 30th Infantry Division
35039U.S. BAR Team GI Running With Rifle
35041Pathfinder 101st Division Airborne 506 PIR
35042Pathfinder, Normandy, June 1944
35043Pathfinder, 101st Airborne Division PIR
35054Medic and Wounded 30th ID U.S. 1944
35055Medic 30th ID U.S. 1944
35082U.S. Tank Crew Sherman 1944-45 (4 figures)
32001USAAF Pilots (2 figures, probably 1/32 scale?)
35077 USMC Tarawa Nov. 1943 (2 figures)
35086 319th Artillery Bat June 1944 (4 figures, modifications of earlier paratroopers)



Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter