Warriors Scale Models
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors started as a California company under the guidance of modelers John Rosengrant and Chris Mrosko. They initially concentrated on excellent resin figures with very sharp detail and interesting poses and became one of the leading companies to take on Verlinden Productions. Many Warriors figures have one or both hands molded onto a weapon and more exact placement of arms, which is easier work with. Bodies tend to scale towards the 6’ range. Faces have better expressions than most VP figures. Their head sets make good alternatives for Dragon figures, as the helmets are similarly sized; they’re too large for swapping with Tamiya heads.

Towards the end of the 1990s VLS bought Warriors, and Mrosko moved to the company’s St. Louis area headquarters to head up the subsidiary. The company also produced a number of detail sets for AFVs, including some originated by Kendall Model Company before they folded shop. Warriors picked up the armor products (and Squadron merged the KMC aircraft accessories with their True Detail line).

The eagerly anticipated announcements of new Warriors figures came to a halt in 2007 when Squadron bought VLS from Bob Letterman and the figure line has appeared to languish in the aftermath. Bill Chilstrom helped pick things up in 2008 with three sets of crew figures to accompany the Academy M7 Priest (though they can be used in the Italeri Priest as well).

In the meantime, Chris Mrosko launched a new company, New World Miniatures, in 2007, and utllized the sculpting skills of Warriors stalwart Brian Stewart.

Warriors figure prices range from $12-14 for single soldiers and twice as much for paired sets. Some figures that have been out of production were re-released under the Lincoln County Line brand.

35005American Tanker
35007"The Victors" - American and Russian Shaking Hands at Elbe River (OOP)
35019U.S. Tanker (Summer Dress) (re-released by LCL)
35023USMC tanker, Pacific Theater (Holding Tommy Gun) (re-released by LCL)
35024"The Prisoner" - 2 Marines with Japanese Prisoner (OOP)
35036U.S. Tank Crew (Winter Dress)
35037U.S. Tanker "Coffee Break" (re-released by LCL)
35042U.S. Head Set #1
35054"The Surrender" - 2 Germans surrendering to GI (GI from #35059) (OOP)
35058U.S. Head Set #2
35059U.S. Infantry - ETO (1944-45)
35060U.S. BAR Gunner, Europe
35156U.S. Tank/T.D. Crew No. 1
35157U.S. Tank/T.D. Crew No. 2
35165U.S. Infantryman (Normandy) (in U.S. camouflage uniform; re-released by LCL) )
35178U.S. 2.5 Ton GMC Crew
35179"The Search" (1 MP and 1 German; re-released by LCL)
35082U.S. Tank Crew Summer Dress (OOP)
35196U.S. Soldier Kneeling (wearing U.S. camouflage uniform)
35216GIs Playing Baseball (1 catching, one batting)
35221"Let's Make a Deal" (1 Infantryman with souvenirs, 1 emerging from Greyhound)
35223U.S. Marine, 1944-45 (re-released by LCL)
35225U.S. Infantry, France
35226U.S. Infantry Winter 1944-45
35229U.S. Infantryman 1943-45
35230U.S. General, Europe 1944-45
35231U.S. Sniper, France
35234U.S. Infantryman Winter
35235U.S. Surrendering to German (U.S. paratrooper; re-released by LCL)
35241U.S. Infantry Officer Running (1 figure)
35245U.S. Head Set #6
35257U.S. Paratrooper Normandy (similar figure to #35235 and #35484)
35267Universal Mechanics (2 igures)
35270USMC Tank Crew WWII (3 figures)
35271WWII U.S. Army Chaplain & GI
35274U.S. Head Set #8 (wearing tanker helmets)
35278Universal GI Driver WWII (1 figure)
35281U.S. Marine 1943-45 (tanker with Thompson)
35334American Tanker (standing with leg raised on turret)
35338M-12 S.P. Gun Crew (3 figures)
35354U.S. Soldier Painting (1 figure from #35338)
35361American Tanker Officer (smoking figure from #35338)
35366American Soldier 1942-45 (smoking figure from #35338)
35370Relaxed U.S. Tanker (1 figure)
35379American Officer with Walkie Talkie
35403U.S. Tanker with Bazooka
35412U.S. Head Set #9
35433USMC LVT-(A)1 Crew (1 half figure commander and 2 full figures manning .30 MGs)
35435"Normandy," Mini Vignette (2 101st paratroopers and wounded Fallshirmjager)
35436U.S. Head Set #10
35447U.S. Paratrooper, Kneeling (figure from "Normandy" vignette")
35450"Hit the Beach" (3 USMC figures dismounting LVT)
35453U.S. 101st Airborne BAR Gunner (figure from "Normandy" vignette")
35463U.S. Marines Disembarking an LVT (2 figures)
35466U.S. Heads U.S.M.C. (6 heads)
35469"Hit the Beach" #3
35473"Hit the Beach #4 (2 figures)
35474Pershing Crew U.S., Late War (4 half figures)
35477"Hit the Beach #5 (2 U.S.M.C. casualties)
35480"Hit the Beach #6 (2 figures)
35484U.S. Paratrooper with M.G.
35490U.S. Infantry Advancing
35493USMC Advancing with Flamethrower (1 figure)
35494U.S. Navy Corpsman WWII Running (1 figure)
35514U.S. MP Europe '44 (1 figure directing traffic)
35517"Hit the Beach" #7 (2 figures)
35535U.S. Infantryman Europe 1943-45
35539U.S. Tanker Pair WWII
35541WWII USMC Tank Crew
35545WWII USMC Stretcher Team
35546USMC Head Set (6 heads)
35551Banzai Busters, U.S. Marines (2 figures)
35555Wounded Marine on Stretcher
35556USMC Heavy Weapons Team WWII Set #1 (3 figures)
35557USMC Heavy Weapons Team WWII Set #1 (3 figures)
35558USMC Head Set #2
35520G.I. Walking with Jerry Can
35559WWII Combat Cameraman
35560WWII American Tanker at Rest (reissue of Mustang Productions figure)
35563U.S. Infantryman ETO 1943-1945
35564U.S. Jeep Crew (2 figures)
35566USMC "Command Conference" #1
35567USMC "Command Conference" #2
35568U.S. Marine with Hands on Hips (1 figure)
35571U.S. Head Set #13 (6 heads)
35572USMC Head Set #3 (6 heads)
35590DUKW Crew (2 figures)
35591WWII USMC Photographer and Marine Subject (2 figures)
35595WWII LCVP Crew (3 figures)
35599LVT Drivers (2 figures)
35624Abandon Tank, Part 1 (2 figures)
35625 U.S. Tankers Painting (2 figures)
35626U.S. Tanker with Machine Gun
35630PT Boat Gunner 37mm (1 figure)
35631Abandon Tank, Part 2 (3 figures)
35635PT Boat Orlekin Gunner (1 figure)
35636PT Boat Gunner (1 figure)
35637PT Boat Gunner (1 figure)
35638PT Boat Gun Crew (2 figures)
35639PT Boat Bofors Gun Crew (2 figures)
35642M7/M7A1 Priest Crew Set #1
35643 M7/M7A1 Priest Crew Set #2
36644M7/M7A1 Priest Crew Set #3
35661M4 High Speed Tractor Crew (2 figures)
35666U.S. Army M4 Crew PTO (3 figures)
35667USMC ASSAULT GROUP SET #1 (2 figures)

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter