Lincoln County Line
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

This is yet another product line of the VLS conglomeration, ostensibly offering "discount miniatures" including figures and diorama pieces. Most of the GI figures are recycled Warriors products that have been discontinued for a while; discontinued Custom Dioramics figures began appearing in 2006 (as noted below). Resin figures are less than $10—a few dollars less than Warriors figures.

LC0022U.S. Tanker in Summer Dress
LC0023U.S.M.C. Tanker
LC0026U.S. Tanker Coffee Break
LC0065U.S. Infantryman, Normandy
LC0070U.S. Marine 1944-45
LC0086The Search (MP with German prisoner)
LC0096U.S. Soldier Surrendering (GI surrendering to German)
LC0102G.I. Walking with Jerry Can
LC0106U.S. Tank Mechanic WWII (former Custom Dioramics #4010)
LC0107U.S. Headquarters Personnel (former Custom Dioramics #4011)
LC0108U.S. Infantry WWII, Wounded (former Custom Dioramics #4017)



Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © 2002 Timothy S. Streeter