M7/M7A1 Priest Crew #2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Warriors Scale Models

As the companion pair to the other two Priest crew sets, these men are in the forward area of the fighting compartment. The section commander on the left of the gun wears a synthetic raincoat, and its bulk suggests he has his M1943 jacket underneath. He wears gloves on his hand, and the late war buckled boats.

The soldier seated in the pulpit wears the winter combat jacket and the buckled arctic overshoes. He is positioned to be adjusting the elevation of the gun, but I didn't have a Priest on hand to see how well he fits the vehicle.

My set of figures came with two right legs for the gunner and a nasty bubble had shortened his fingers. These were quickly replaced after a call to Squadron, which produces the Warriors line. Otherwise, dry fitting showed no problems with gaps in the body parts, and seams and cleanup are minimal.




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