SOL Model
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Another resin manufacturer from Korea, SOL offers WWII figures and kits in 1/35, 1/12 and 1/9 scale. I’ve got a number of their figures (including civilians) and they are nicely detailed, though requiring a bit more cleanup than others. Prices are fairly inexpensive, with a pair of figures usually selling for $10 or so through Squadron Mail Order, though their two airborne sets are in the $20-25 range.

3006 German Captives (3 Germans and 1 Verlinden GI knock-off)
3009 Korea 1953 (Marine fighting enemy soldier)
3106 U.S. 101st Airborne, WW II
3115 U.S. 101st Airborne w/.50 Cal MG




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