1/35 Construction Battalion
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

This is yet another homegrown product line from VLS, offering generic worker bees (Seabees?) in civilian garb, and construction vehicles. There are also accessories like windows, steps, columns, and walls so you can construct your customized diorama buildings, piece by piece. The resin figures sell for $12.00 and appear to be of similar quality to Warriors, from the appearances of the box art. The bulldozer runs around $100.00.


C0 0067 Construction Worker with Pick Axe
C0 0068 Construction Worker with Jack Hammer
CO 0069 Construction Worker with Wheelbarrow
CO 0070 Construction Worker with Hand Saw
CO 0071 Construction Worker with Shovel


CO 0061

U.S. Army Bulldozer WWII




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