Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Italeri is an Italian company that was Tamiya’s closest competitor until DML appeared on the scene. They launched their Allied products by acquiring a number of molds of Dodge vehicles and the M155mm "gun" from Peerless Max. They produce an M4A1 Sherman that has stood the test of time, and an M7 Priest that is always popular—when it’s between reissues and you can't find it!

This company is rather schizophrenic when it comes to marketing. In the 1980s Italeri had a licensing agreement with The Testor Corporation that allowed the latter to rebox Italeri kits under the Testors label. The Testors versions were distinguished by actual photos of the models on the box (Verlinden’s work appears on several) and better directions. These kits can still be found on hobby store shelves, sometimes at different prices than their Italeri counterparts.

Italeri also provided the lower hull and running gear for DML’s line of Sherman tanks in the 1990s. While Italeri acquired the molds of some Heller figure sets (“Allied Support Troops” among them), they sold off other figure and vehicle molds to the Russian company Zvezda, most notably the M3 White Scout Car and M1 57mm antitank gun. Recently, the European company Bilek has been producing Italeri’s Dodge vehicles under their own label.

Overall, Italeri’s AFV kits get mixed reviews from modelers. The most frequent criticisms center on lack of crispness in the details, missing details (the Dodge ambulance has no exterior door handles!) or dimensional problems. The company had the misfortune of coming out with its M8 and M20 armored cars on the heels of the Tamiya releases, and their best assets were lower list prices. Indeed, Italeri prices its kits a good 20-30% lower than similar AFVs from Tamiya, which for many modelers makes up for any perceived shortfalls in quality.

As far as Italeri figures go, there’s little to recommend them. They are stiff, rather crudely sculpted and detailed, and the faces are like characters out of some 1940s Universal Studios zombie movie. No amount of skill can redeem them and they’re best left as fodder for younger modelers. Their weapons and accessories sets are generally mediocre, though the Garands, carbines and 81mm mortar found therein and in figure sets were better than Tamiya’s earlier (or only, in the case of the mortar) versions.

Recently Italeri has come out with some interesting subjects, including the Alligator, Buffalo, and DUKW amphibious vehicles. They went head-to-toe with Trumpeter's release of an LCM (3) landing craft, was was generally favored over the competitor. And the company still has the distinction of originating the only plastic 1/35 scale U.S. antitank gun (Monogram’s 37mm gun is 1/32 scale), and the 105mm and 155mm howitzers.

In the listing below, the stock number of the Testor box versions are in parenthesis. Other Italeri spin-offs are at the end of the list.

Figures and Equipment

309 (841) U.S. Screaming Eagles
310U.S. Marine Corps "Leathernecks"
325 (844) U.S. Truck Crew (called Allied Truck Crew by Testors)
328 (846)Radio Team
329 (848)Medical Corps
331U.S. Infantry Assault Troops
332U.S. Infantry WWII
354 (847)Allied Support Troops (combined boxing of Radio Team and Medical Corps)
420Accessories II

PT Boat Crew (10 figures)


6498 M3A1


(Academy kit 1398 with new decals)
244 (810) M24 Chaffee Light Tank


 FranceIndochina, 1953
Italy DavisioneAriete, 1953
 Japan Self Defense Force1957
6431M24 Chaffee (Early)U.S. "ALLY OOP III"Germany, 1945
 1st Armored Division, 81st Cavalry Reconnaissance SquadronItaly, 1945
 British Army 1st Battlion Royal Tank RegimentGermany, May 1945
3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Reconnaissance Company, "EAGLE CLAW"Korea, May 1951
French Army 1ere Regiment de Chasseurs a Cheval, "METZ"Indochina, 1953
225 (793)M4A1 ShermanV Corps, 741st Tank Battalion, Co. A, #7 "Al Capone"Normandy, June 1944

10th Armored Division, 11th Tank Battalion, Co. B, #15 "Bonnie"

Ardennes, 1945
 U.S. Marine Corps, #19 "Lightning"
Pacific, 1944-45
253 (803)M4A2 Sherman Jumbo (actually, this is an M4A3 76mm VVSS)
M4A3 Sherman with CalliopeU.S. Army, undesignatedBelgium, Winter 1944
U.S. Army, undesignatedGermany, Winter 1945

U.S. Marines M4 Sherman5th Marine Tank Battalion
Iwo Jima, 1945
 U.S. Army, undesignated
6640M4A3 76mm Sherman11th Armored Division, 42nd Tank BattalionBelgium, January 1945
752nd Tank BattalionItaly, February 1945
1st Armored Division, 13th Tank BattalionItaly, April 1945
6th Armored Division, 69th Tank BattalionLuxembourg, Early 1945
unknownColmar Pocket, France, January 1945
2e DB, Free French Forces Strasbourg, France, November, 1944
206 (801)M7 Priest7th Armored Division, 434th Armored Artillery Battalion, A Co.
 U.K. 1st Armored Division, 11th Regiment RHA, A Squadron
Ardennes, 1944-45
 West Germany, Panzerartillerie Battalion 34, 1 Co.
Sindelfingen, 1960
203 (806)M32 Tank Recovery Vehicle21st U.S. ArmyEurope, 1944-45
250 (794)M36B1 Tank Destroyer

Wheeled Vehicles

314 (821)

Willys Jeep with Trailer5th Army, 34th Infantry Division, Red Bull, HQ 2Cassino, 1944
101st Airborne Division, 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment, C Co. #4Normandy, 1944
3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion, B Co.Guam, August 1944
4th Marine Division, 14th Marine Artillery, 2nd Battalion HQIwo Jima, February 1945

1/4 Ton 4x4 Utility Truck
(Jeep, includes .30 MG, wire cutter bar, radio; excludes trailer) For release in 2008

326 (776)Ambulance Jeep101st Airborne Division, 506th Airborne Infantry Battalion
British marking 450S
231White M3A1 Scout Car

1st Army, HQ 1

2nd Armored Division, 82nd Cavalry
3rd Armored Division, 15th Cavalry

New Zealand Army Service

Canadian Army Service
364M8 Greyhound
366M20 Scout Car
226Dodge WC 54 Ambulance82nd Airborne, 307th Medical Battalion, #21
91st Infantry Division, 316th Medical Battalion, C-7
228 (819) Dodge WC 56 Command Car
237 (775)Dodge WC 52 3/4 Ton “Beep” Weapons Carrier4-2R8, A-B 16 "Mohawk"
Tn-10, B Co. #15
U.S.M.C., 2D H C "Old Crow"
245 (839) Anti Tank Dodge

GMC 2 1/2 Ton Truck
(open top)


U.S. 2 1/2 Ton GMC Truck
(hard cab)

34th Infantry Division1944
101e Infantry Regiment (French)
230Dodge Truck WC 62 1 1/2 Ton 6x6
201 (855) GMC Water Tank Truckunassigned
229 (816)U.S. Cargo and Water Trailer Setunassigned
322 (858) U.S. Army Motorcycles/Harley Davidson Motorcyclesno decals

Amphibious Vehicles

379LVT-4 Water Buffalo
6384LVT(A)-1 AlligatorMarines 3rd Armored Amphibian Tractor Battalion (Provisional)
 U.S. Army, undesignated
6396LVT(A)-4Marines 2nd Armored Amphibian BattalionIwo Jima, 1945
Marines 3rd Armored Amphibian BattalionPeleliu, 1944
MarinesIwo Jima, 1945
MarinesIwo Jima, 1945
US Army 7th Infantry DivisionOkinawa, 1945
6392U.S. WWII Amphibious DUKWNormandy, 1944
Germany, 1945
Iwo Jima, 1945
6429DUKW with 105mm HowitzerMarinesIwo Jima, 1945
MarinesIwo Jima, 1945
U.S. Army, "The Texan"Germany, 1945
U.S. Army, "Pistol Packing Mama"Germany, 1945
64462 1/2 Ton DUKW 353U.S. ArmyGarda Lake, Italy, 1945
 U.S.M.C.Iwo Jima, 1945


323M1 57mm Antitank Gunno markings
319M101 105mm Howitzerno markings
232 (783)155mm Gun M1A2no markings


6436LCM 3 50ft. Landing CraftU.S. NavyNormandy, June 1944
 U.S. NavyIwo Jima, February 1945
6441LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle PersonnelU.S. NavyTarawa, Betio Island, November 1943
U.S. NavyIwo Jima, February 1945
U.S. NavyNormandy, June 1944
British Navy Normandy, June 1944
6479 LCVP with 1/4 ton. Utility Truck and U.S. Soldiers  


990Jeep Willyssame as Italeri 314, without trailer
991Antitank Dodgesame as Italeri 245
993Dodge WC 62same as Italeri 230
994Dodge WC 54 Ambulancesame as Italeri 326
996Tank Trailer water tank trailer from Italeri 229
997Dodge WC 54 S.T.Signal Corps communications van; from Italeri 326
998U.S. WWII Diorama Settrailer (from Italeri jeep set 314) and anti-tank team


Allied Support Troopscombination of Italeri 354
134Stretcher Bearer Groupsame as Italeri 329
81105Willys Jeep and Trailer WWIIsame as Italeri 314
81109GMC Canvas-Covered Fire/Rescue Truck
81121GMC CCKW 353 2 1/2 Ton Trucksame as Italeri 205


Sherman M4A3(76)Wsame as Italeri M4A3 with T26 76mm turret


35186 pdr Anti Tank Gun Mk-1Rebox of Italeri's M1 57mm Antitank Gun under British designation
3519M3 Scout CarRebox of Italeri's White Scout Car, includes Russian markings

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter