Royal Model
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Royal Model hails from Italy and has received acclaim for its intricately detailed and finely executed resin and photo etch upgrade sets for German and U.S. vehicles. They offer figures as well. I’ve gotten mine through R&J Products, and they run about $11 for a single GI. Their update sets typically offer a lot of photoetch and resin parts, and some high prices. The three sets to update the Italeri or Academy M7 Priest run about $80 each!

164 U.S. Infantry Rifleman with Canteen
165 U.S. Crew Member Refueling Tank
181 U.S. Pfc. 501st Parachute Inf. Rgmt. Bastogne '44
190 U.S. Infantryman 36th Engineer Combat Rgmt.
193 U.S. Soldier at Break WWII
195 U.S. Sherman Tank crew (3 figures)
302 U.S. Heads WWII #1 (6 heads)
336 M3A3 Stuart Crew WWII (2 figures)
339 M26 Pershing Crew WWII (4 figures)
563 U.S. Tanker with Thompson Submachine Gun WWII
590 Mechanics (3 figures)
659 U.S. Infantry at rest with rifle-WWII (no.1)
660 U.S. Jeep driver Infantry (WWII)
661 U.S. Infantry at rest with rifle-WWII (no.2)
666 M-10 U.S. crew (4 figures)
674 U.S. Infantry rifleman (WWII)




Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter