What's New — 2004
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

November/December, 2004

  • A new page of photos has been added to the Uniforms and Equipment section.
  • Martin Dogger offers a construction review of Italeri's M24 Chaffee (Early) and I take a look at Tamiya's "Frontline Breakthrough" Sherman and review figures from Warriors and Plus Model figures.
  • The keen eyes of one of the fans of this site caught some problems with my reviews of Verlinden's paratroopers, kits #2069, 2082, 2091, 2106, and 2108. VP's box art has the jackets painted tan as with the M1942 jump uniform. But the cuffs are the one-button arrow tab type found on the OD M1943 jacket; there are no pleated pockets on the jacket's thigh areas, and the collars are more fully cut than on the earlier jacket. I'm usually pretty careful when giving VP figures the once-over, since they are prone to inaccuracies, but I totally missed these. Since I'm rounding up Normandy paratrooper figures for an upcoming diorama, I guess wanted to believe the box art more than the product itself! The reviews have been updated.
  • Finally, I'm going to be moving the site to another server in December. I anticipate the transition will be seamless. Between that and the holidays, I probably won't get new content up in December.

October, 2004

  • Reviews of two disappointing airborne figure sets from Verlinden.
  • A few photos of an M5 High Speed Tractor have been added to the AFV Photos gallery.
  • A couple new Pershing and Stuart tank crews have been added to the Royal Models listing.

September, 2004

This month we take a look at three recent U.S. paratrooper sets from Verlinden and Warriors' impressive 5-figure Marine Corps vignette. I've also updated product lists for those two companies as well as a new figure and cab-over-engine GMC from Masters Production.

August, 2004

After a month off because of vacation and business travel, I'm back with reviews of two new additions to the manufacturers line up, Alpine Miniatures and Mustang Productions (an offshoot of YANKS, which once again is no more).

June, 2004

After my first trip to the computer repair shop in 20 years precluded adding new content last month, I'm back online this month with:

  • An interesting article from Kurt Laughlin on different track types used by armored vehicles of the Fifth Army in Italy
  • Reviews of two new figure sets from Warriors
  • C.G.M. Products has been added to the Kits and Reviews section
  • Updates to the product listings for Lincoln County Line, Masters Productions, PSP, and Verlinden
  • And Roy Chow provided some helpful websites that have been added in bold to the Links page

Modelers should also visit Track-Link and check out the new contest theme for the month of June — D-Day, honoring the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Europe. Author Jonathan Gawne is offering a signed copy of his great book Spearheading D-Day for the best Allied theme entry.

Finally, I made the acquaintance this past spring with artist Britt Taylor Collins, who has been researching the 155 howitzer. He's allowed me to post an image of his painting "The Last Round" and a second work in progress. Check out his artwork on my page on Building Italeri's 155mm Howitzer and more at www.britttaylorcollins.com.

April, 2004

  • A stunning new book from Histoire & Collections, Government Issue Collector's Guide by Henri-Paul Enjames, is reviewed in the Figure References section. This joins my list of "must have" books for serious diorama and figure modelers.
  • I picked up Platoon's four GI figures when they were released last year, and offer my reviews.

March, 2004

  • If you've been curious about Tiger Model Designs' ammo trailers, I've written a construction review on this little challenging yet rewarding resin M10 trailer kit.
  • Martin Dogger contributes his construction review of Tamiya's M20 armored car.
  • I've updated the Rations article with new K-ration boxes from DIOART and Jadar Model, as well as DIOART's revised Menu 1 and Menu 2 cartons.
  • Finally, I added newly announced figures to the lists for Corpus, Hobby Fan, Plus, and Warriors, as well as Ron Volstad's sketch to the DML page showing the upcoming 29th Infantry Division team charging Omaha Beach. This looks like it will be a great set!

February, 2004

January, 2004

Welcome to the New Year – which marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Europe – and thanks to the 46,614 visitors who visited the site in 2003.

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