Mustang Productions
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Mustang Productions was the "stepson" of YANKS (itself the reincarnation of YANKS Miniatures). The business was run by Bill Speck, but it appears it has ceased production since 2005. Mustang maintained some of the previous YANKS figure line (crossreferenced with their original designations below), and had added a few new offerings nicely sculpted by Anders Heintz. So some of the items reviewed below will point to their original YANKS reviews where applicable.

You may wish to grab these figures while you can.

35001U.S. Tankers
35002U.S. GI Sleeping (YANKS 35101)
35004Standing U.S. GI (YANKS 35110)
35005U.S. Tankrider #1 (YANKS 35108)
35006U.S. Medic WWII (YANKS Miniatures 9725)
35007U.S. Tankrider #2 (YANKS 35109)
35008U.S. WWII Relaxing Tanker #1 (reissued by Warriors Scale Models)

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