C.G.M. Products
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

C.G.M. Products is a French company that offers resin figures, full kits, conversions, and accessories. Many of their kits are unique earlier WWII utility vehicles. Products and photos are available through R&J Enterprises.

Figures and Accessories

001CUS Pack 1 (includes USMC driver and accessories)
003CUS Pack 3, Field Medical Unit set

US Mechanic set (includes figure, tool boxes, photoetch tools)


002ABen Hur Wooden Body 1 Ton Trailer
002B37mm Anti-tank Gun, M3
003BM10 Ammunition Trailer
005BK38 Signal Corps Trailer
006ABen Hur Metal Body 1 Ton Trailer
006BM5 Bomb Service Trailer
007AU.S. Navy U.S.M.C. International Harvester Corp. M2.4 Truck
008ADodge WC15 Command Car
009AInternational Harvester Corp. M1 1/2 Ton Weapons/Personel Carrier, U.S.M.C./U.S.N.
010AInternational Harvester Corp. 1/2 Ton Ambulance U.S.M.C./U.S.N.
011AFord GTB 1 1/2 Ton Truck

U.S. WWII K38 A Trailer Cable Splicer for Jeep

012AChevrolet M6, WWII Bomb Service Truck
021A Henry Spen Trailer (wood body,early) 1939-1955 U.S.M.C./U.S. Navy
022A Henry Spen Trailer (wood body,late) 1939-1955 U.S.M.C./U.S. Navy
023AInternational M2.4 (late) U.S.M.C./U.S. Navy
024A Henry Spen Trailer (iron cargo, late) 1939-1955 U.S.M.C./U.S. Navy
024BU.S. WWII MB Navy/U.S.M.C. M2 Collins Radio Conversion for Tamiya
025A Henry Spen Trailer (iron body, early) 1939-1955 U.S.M.C./U.S. Navy
025BHenry Spen U.S. Navy/Marine Corps 1/2 Ton Water Trailer
026A International M2.4 (early) 1942-1945 U.S.M.C./U.S. Navy
032AM3 Anti-tank Gun
033AConversion for Dodge (AFV Club) wheels, gun rack, cargo load, seats, and M3 Anti-tank Gun

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