Valiant Miniatures
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Valiant Miniatures is a U.S. company that has reissued its series of mid-1970s 54mm (1/32 scale) metal figures, a number of which are featured in Shep Paine's books on building AFVs and dioramas. It is also producing new figures. The older soldiers are in the 97XX and 98XX series; newer ones are in the 93XX and 96XX series. They are available through Squadron Mail Order.

9316 US Infantry, caring Wounded Buddy (2 figures)
9317 US Infantry, dead, 1942 uniform
9323 US Infantry, with machine gun and ammo box
9324 US Infantry, with machine gun tripod & Ammo Box
9325 US Infantry, with satchel charge
9641 US Infantry WW2 France, Summer 1944
9642 US Ranger with Thompson WW2 Normandy 1944 -
9643 US Rifleman WW2 Normandy 1944
9644 US NCO pointing WW2 Normandy 1944
9645 US Infantry, running with hand on helmet WW2 France, Summer 1944
9646 US GI, running in the bocage, WW2 Normandy 1944
9647 US GI NCO firing Thompson WW2 France 1944
9648 US Officer with Carbine WW2 France Summer of 1944
9649 US Infantryman kneeling WW2 Normandy 1944
9650 US Infantryman standing and firing M1, WW2 bocage 1944
9651 US GI advancing "Breakout" WW2 Normandy 1944
9653 US GI rising to advance WW2 France 1944
9700 USMC Tarawa
9710 USMC Marshall Islands
9717 US Tanker WWII
9782 US Army Rangers
9769 US Army Officer Korea
9770 USMC Korea
9782 US Army Ranger
9806 Medic
9807 MASH Nurse
9816 US Infantry Officer 1944
9827 USMC Machinegunners (2 figures)
9933 US Army Paratrooper WWII



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