U.S. M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun Late Production
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


Billed as a "Frontline Breakthrough" Sherman, this 2001 release is a mixed bag for Shermanaholics. Using Tamiya's previous M4A3 kit (#35122) as the foundation, Tamiya juiced up this offering with three dynamically posed infantrymen in winter garb and some extra doodads. But the base kit retains the same problems of the original (open sponsons, recessed hull welds, etc.). You can get tips on tweaking those items by checking out the review of that kit. However, even the new items in this version have a few problems.

The significant additions to this kit include:

  • Additional sprue of smooth dish roadwheels that have the grease plugs (but, unfortunately, with open backsides)
  • New rubber band T48 chevron tracks without the extensions
  • Turret now has a separate oval loader's hatch that can be positioned opened or closed (one of Verlinden's early update sets had the parts to do the open hatch)
  • Two duplicate sprues of .50 and .30 ammo boxes, tripod for a .30 machine gun, two boxes of rations, and a commander looking through binoculars
  • Sprue from Tamiya's M4 Sherman containing rucksacks, jerry cans, and other items that will go into the spares box
  • New sheet of decals including "Classy Peg" from earlier release, and new markings for the tank, ammo boxes, and rations

Is it worth buying? Well, I got it primarily to use the figures in a diorama. But it's a solid kit and will build up as nicely as its forefather. Of course, it can use the same additional detailing and fixes as the original M4A3 if you want to go that route. There are some fine updates from Tiger Model Designs and Formations that can really give a lot of zip to any of these Shermans, particularly if you want to have open hatches, completely rendered wheels, or tools with retaining straps nicely molded onto the items.




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