U.S. Paratrooper WW2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This is a simple white metal figure, comprised of only six pieces: body, arms, head, canteen, and an M1942 entrenching tool.

He's dressed in the M1942 airborne jumper's coat and trousers, and over his shoulder is slung an M1 Garand. The M1 helmet sports the tight mesh netting, when the larger mesh net was predominant at the time of the Normandy invasion.

The figure is well-sculpted and detailed. While not as crisp as Warriors or Nemrod figures, it's a step or two above Verlinden. There are only slight seams running down along the sides of the body and arms. The face will come alive with some nice painting, and you can swap the head out with others from Hornet or Warriors to give the figure a more distinctive look. With the finishing touch of some insignia from Archer Fine Transfers or Hudson & Allen, this makes a handsome figure.

This GI scales out to about 5'8" and is considerably shorter than those paratroopers from Verlinden and CMK (particularly in comparison to head and helmet sizes). His pose is too casual for integrating with Nemrod and DML paratroopers. So working him into a diorama or vignette will require some imagination. But clearly from the box photo he's sharp enough to stand on his own.



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