Hobby Fan
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Hobby Fan is a Taiwan company that produced a batch of WWII figures following an interesting run of Vietnam GIs. They seem now to have cycled back to Vietnam. They also have some accessory sets for U.S. vehicles of both wars. Full resin kits are hard to come by, and often range $150-200 on Ebay. The company also distributes AFV Club kits.

Quality is very good, with crisp sculpting and clean molding. Prices tilt a bit higher than comparable figure sets, with a pair going for around $25 and the four-figure sets pushing $45.


521U.S. M10 Tank Crew
522U.S. M10/M18 Tank Crew, Supplies, Ammo
524Long Tom Gun Crew and Gun Hoist
525Long Tom Gun Crew and Propelling Charges
526WWII U.S. Infantry #1 (2 figures with base)
527WWII U.S. Infantry #2 (2 figures with base)
528M18 Machine Gunner & Accessories (1 figure)
529U.S. M10 Tank Infantry "Pick Up"
554WWII U.S. Truck Driver Gunner Crew (2 figures and accessories)
565U.S. Airborne in D-Day
572M36 Tank Crew and Accessories
582U.S. M5A1 Tank Crew and Sandbags (2 figures)
595 U.S. M5A1 Crew Figure and Sandbag Armor (1 figure firing .30 cal machine gun)
598 U.S. M5A1 Tank Infantry "Pick Up" Figures with Accessories (4 tank rider figures)
707 WWII U.S. Marines Gun Crew (4 figures)
708 WWII U.S. Army Gun Crew (4 figures)


004Tractor, High Speed, 13-Ton, M5
061M55 Cal. 50 Machine Gun Trailer


014M10 Accessories and Sandbags

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter