WWII U.S. Infantry (2)
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Hobby Fan

Another fine pair of figures from Hobby Fan, this one is notable for its action poses: a rare GI actually firing his BAR (and from a seated position), and a soldier firing his Garand from a prone position. Both figures wear the M1943 jacket and canvas leggings, making them suitable for late summer 1994 through to the end of the war. The prone figure has an M1928 haversack. Both he and the BAR gunner have canteens and first aid pouches. You might want to scrounge in your spares box for some suitable entrenching tools, grenades, or knives to dress them up a little more.

The poses are realistically rendered, particularly how the BAR gunner is seated with one leg under him. Sculpting and casting are excellent, a trademark of Hobby Fan's quality. The usually tricky part of mating two arms holding a weapon is easily accomplished due to clearly defined attachment points on the torso. The BAR is quite delicate, and includes an integrally-molded bipod attached under the barrel. Some careful surgery is needed to eliminate the mold plug from the underside of the helmets.

The pair comes with a heavy resin base that is suitable for the vignette as pictured, or something to use to develop your scenery skills if you want to deploy the figures to a larger diorama.



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