WWII U.S. Infantry
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Hobby Fan

This is a well-posed offering of one soldier, possibly an officer, helping another to his feet and pointing him forward with his M1 carbine. Is the downed figure injured, or beset with fear? There are no wound marks on him, so you can create your own reason for positioning them in a diorama or vignette.

Both GIs are similarly dressed in the M1943 jacket and woolen trousers; one wears the 1944 boot with buckled leather gaiter. You'd be safest to put this pair in autumn 1944 setting until the end combat in May 1945. They are lightly equipped; the standing figure doesn't wear combat suspenders, and the kneeling soldier has no pack hanging from his suspenders. He's armed with a Garand and also has a separate helmet. The leading figure has an M1943 entrenching tool and fighting knife. You could add some gear from your spares if you wish.

Sculpting and detail is excellent, and the pieces are flawlessly cast, which is the typical standard for Hobby Fan figures. The set comes with a small cobblestone road base which might come in handy for a vignette for other figures should you employ this pair in a different setting.

This is a unique duo that definitely stands out from the usual military poses we've grown accustomed to.



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