Long Tom Gun Crew and Propelling Charge
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Hobby Fan

This second set of artillery figures for the Long Tom gives you the gunner, perched on the rail and peering through the gun sight. A second figure holds the bagged gunpowder charge. This charge was made up of several individual bags of powder tied together, and by reducing the number bags the distance the shell traveled would be commensurately shortened. The third figure with his hand to his ear is positioned to pull the lanyard that will fire the loaded piece. The fourth soldier holds a pair of binoculars, checking to see if the rounds are landing where they should.

Like Hobby Fan's companion set, this group has a mix of early and late war uniforms, and there is not much in the way of additional gear. Two propellant charges are included.

The sculpting and casting is up to Hobby Fan's high standards, though the figures share a physical sameness in stature. They are ripe for deployment in other settings, manning a 155mm (with the charge bags) or 105mm (without the charge bags, just holding a round of one-piece ammo). They also could work in a Priest or adapted to a tank destroyer.



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