M10 Accessories and Sandbags
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Hobby Fan

The M10 tank destroyer was not very well armored, so crews often augmented the protection with sandbags. This creates an interesting look, and it has been a popular way of dressing up a model.

Hobby Fan provides us with this set, obviously designed for the AFV Club kit. There are 10 parts in cream-colored resin. All are very well sculpted and sharply cast. There were no major air bubbles present, but some filler will be needed here and there. Three parts go to the front of the vehicle, with one large sandbag casting covering the glacis plate and two smaller bits for the fenders. These don't fit the Academy too well, for which I bought the set. I can't comment on the AFV Club kit, but it will probably be a lot better. There is a folded tarp for the turret plate, with a bag lying on top. For the turret sides, we get three casting with rolled tarps, rucksacks, canteens and a steel helmet. They are molded as if hanging from the tiedowns on the turret. For the rear deck, there is a large crate, three jerry cans in one casting, and a large casting with three bedrolls and a folded tarp.

This is a very useful set to trim out your M10 kit. The rear deck supplies will be quite useful for any U.S. vehicle with flat surfaces, and the turret stowage could be adapted to other vehicles, like a halftrack. Recommended!

-Martin Dogger


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