AFV Club
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

From Taiwan, AFV Club has produced some significant vehicles for fans of American armor. The "Long Tom" is an impressive gun and builds up nicely. The Hellcat came out at just about the same time as one from Academy; the kits are about equal in their pluses and minuses, with more modelers seeming to give the nod to Academy's kit for overall looks. The M10 Tank Destroyer took some hits on the shape of the turret.

AFV Club purchased the molds of two of Skybow's Dodge vehicles and rereleased them under their own label. The company is also affiliated with Hobby Fan, which produced a fine resin crew for the Long Tom and figures to accompany the tank destroyers.


35105M5A1 Stuart Light Tank - Early Production3rd Armored Division, 33rd Armored Regiment, 3rd Battalion, C-34, "Carol" Normandy, 1944
5th Armored Division, 34th Tank Battalion, D Company, #3
 4th Marine Division, 4th TanksSaipan, July 1944
British Army, 11th Armoured Division, 29th Armoured Brigade, 23rd Hussars
Free French Army, 1st Division Blinde, 2nd “Chasseurs d’Afrique” RegimentRhine crossing, April 1945
Republic of China Army1950s
35161M5A1 Stuart Late Type3rd Armored Division, 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion (mislabled as “113th Cavalry Regiment”)Belgium 1944
  1st Division Blindee, 24th Armored RegimentBelgium 1944
  12th Armored Division, 92nd Reconnaissance Battalion, “Sloppy Joe”Germany, January 1945
  12th Armored Division, 92nd Reconnaissance Battalion, “Shanty Irish”Germany, March 1945
  ROC Army, Armor Brigade, 4th BattalionTaiwan, January 1952
35015M18 Hellcat
35024M10 Tank Destroyer"Pistol Packin' Mama", Tank Destroyer SchoolCamp Hood, TX, 1943
634th Tank BattalionGermany, 1944
French 2nd Armored DivisionFrance, 1944
French 2nd Armored DivisionFrance, 1945
unidentifiedFrance, 1945
ROC ArmyJinmen Island, 1958
35S07M10 Tank Destroyer Late Production Wolverine
35058M36 Jackson U.S. Army 90mm Tank Destroyer Gun Motor Carriage703rd Tank Destroyer BattalionOctober, 1944
 703rd Tank Destroyer BattalionJanuary, 1945
 3rd Armored Division, 23rd Armored EngineersFebruary, 1945
 3rd Army, 2nd CavalryMarch, 1945
35S08M35 Prime Mover


35009M59 155mm Cannon "Long Tom"

M40 Big Shot 155mm Gun Motor Carriage

T83 Zebra Mission near CologneGermany, March 1945
 937th Field Artillery, "Courageous Confederate"Korea, 1952

937th Field Artillery, "Aita's Ankies"

Korea, 1951
 937th Field Artillery, "Big Bruiser"Korea, 1953
 204th Field Artillery, Cyd Charisse" (actually with 937th Field Artillery)Korea, 1952
 204th Field Artillery Korea, 1952
British Army 1960s
35160105mm Howitzer M2A1 & Carriage M2
35182U.S. 105MM Howitzer M2A1 with M2A2 Gun Carriage
35S64 U.S. 3-inch Gun M5 on Carriage M1  
35S06M115 8in Howitzer  
35163 M1 40mm Bofors Anti-aircraft Artillery    
35219 Ordnance QF 6-pdr Anti-Tank Mk.IV on Carriage Mk.III (Airborne) American use by Airborne in Normandy  

Wheeled Vehicles

35S15Beep WC-51 3/4 Ton Weapons Carrier (former Skybow)3rd Army, 391st Infantry Regiment, C Co., #24France
82nd AirborneFrance
 6th Army, 15th Armored Division, A Co., #7Italy
35S16U.S. 3/4 Ton 4x4 Truck WC-57 Command Vehicle (former Skybow)3rd Army, HQ-1Europe
 83rd Infantry Division, 308-EEurope
 82nd Airborne, HQ-61Europe

Amphibious Vehicles


LVT-4 Late Type Water Buffalo

718th Amtrac Battalion, U.S. Army

Okinawa, June 1945

U.S. Marines

Americans in War Museum, 2009

35205 U.S. Water Buffalo LVT-4 Landing Vehicle Tracked (Early Type)  

Update Sets and Accessories

35019T16 Track (Early Type) for M3 Stuart M5 Light Tanks
35020T36E6 Track (Later Type) M5 Light Tank & M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage
35026M4 Sherman VVSS T51 Track
35038M4 Sherman VVSS T48 Track
35056U.S. Light Tank M3/M5/M8 Stuart Vertical Volute Spring Suspension
35189 Bofors & M42 40mm Gun Ammunition and Accessory Set
35017155mm and 203mm Howitzer Rounds and Stowage Cases

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter