U.S. Light Tank M3/M5/M8 Stuart
Vertical Volute Spring Suspension

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

AFV Club

I can't say enough good about this kit. Not only are the actual suspension parts really nice, but AFV Club has had the foresight to place a large number of really useful items on the sprues as part of this set. Things like the differential housing cover and the rear hull plate didn't need to be here, but having them makes it easy to upgrade the old Tamiya or new Academy kit. Likewise the hull tie-down hooks, the extra periscopes and rotating mounts, the smoke dischargers, antenna mounts (US and Brit), gas cap covers, grousers and even more! This is a great way to package accessory sets.

Lest anyone think I have forsaken my curmudgeonly ways, there are a couple of nits to pick, The first is that there are a couple of small sink marks in the periscopes and the spare track blocks. Nothing that a little filler and a quick swipe of the sandpaper won't fix. Also, admittedly, the stamped wheels only have detail on one side, but a little silicone rubber and some resin will have that fixed in a trice.

Sort of like the beauty spot. A small imperfection to accentuate the beauty of the rest of the kit.

-Saul Garcia


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