Pacific War U.S. Soldier
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Infinity Shape

This Marine is in a relaxed pose, perhaps cooling his heels on the beach while DUKWs bring in fresh supplies, or keeping an eye out for Japanese infiltrators. He wears the HBT one-piece beltless coveralls with large cargo pockets, with canvas leggings over his combat shoes, and a utility cap. Along with the M1 carbine in his hand, he is armed with a .45 pistol. A canteen and magazine pouch for the weapons round out the accessories.

The subtle sculpting is well done by Ho Seo. The figure does not have the more pronounced (and arguably larger than scale) look to the details that one usually sees with resin figures from Warriors or Verlinden so it may take a little more careful painting to accentuate them. There are a few thin seams to clean up with a hobby knife or emery board. The carbine has a lug for the bayonet that did not appear until after WWII, so you will want to remove it unless you're using this figure for a Korean setting.

The figure is fairly tall, even in his seated position; he would come out to around 6' standing straight.

This would be a good choice for inclusion in a nice Pacific theater vignette.

Review sample provided by Infinity Shape.




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