Allied Vehicles Accessory Set
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This is a very handy set of extras to dress up your AFVs (or, using the M1936 field bags, the backs of your leg infantry). The two identical sprues give you multiple quantities of field bags, tarps, sleeping bags, ammo pouches, jerry cans, fuel drums, nd barracks and duffle bags. There are even two different sizes of vehicle weight roundels and decals for jeeps and cargo trucks.

While you don't get the sharp undercuts in plastic like you do with resin products, the "soft" goods here have a nice hang to them and will look fine with some basic painting techiques. You might want to fill in the back sides of the field and ammo bags if they will be hanging loosely from your vehicle. And for a more realistic look, nip off the little tabs on the field bags and loop some foil or paper straps over your hanging device.

The fuel drums and jerry cans (including some captured German cans) are well done. Make sure to smooth the seam under the mouth of the U.S. jerry can, and for heightened realism, add a sliver to create the raised seam on the backside of the can (below the "hump"), from the horizontal separation downward to the bottom rim.





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