76,2mm M1A2 Gun Barrel for U.S. Tank M4 Sherman
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


By the end of WWII, the U.S. Army fielded several Sherman variants armed with the 76mm barrel. They have been very popular modelling subjects, and there are several kits around. The most recent, DML's M4A3E8 Thunderbolt, comes with a good metal barrel and plastic muzzle brake. The older kits, however, can do with some TLC, and this is where Armorscale comes in.

This barrel is simply superb! Period. It consists of three resin mantlet parts, an aluminium barrel, four machined brass parts, and three photo etched bits. The brass parts are for the muzzle brake and internal flanges. The PE is inserted, and then the muzzle brake assembled. All very easy to do, it took me just ten minutes to fix everything.

The great thing about this set is that the muzzle brake actually screws onto the barrel, so there will be no unwanted glue marks on your model. The barrel is also provided with rifling, which gives it some superior detail compared to other barrels, especially the old plastic ones. The Armorscale is the correct length, so would be just the thing to add to the Italeri M4A3, or the older DML M4A3(76)w kit.

Highly recommended! See also the PMMS site for some comparisons of this barrel to the plastic versions.

-Martin Dogger


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