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Tiger Model Designs
emerged in 2002 with several well received resin update sets. Their M8 ammo trailer filled a very key void in the U.S. AFV catalogue, and the M10 trailer is a very fine kit.

As I was working on my diorama Italeri's 155mm howitzer, I knew I wanted a large pile of empty fiberboard charge tubes. I tried to grind some out of plastic tubing (you need to get the distinctive inset on the main tube where the cap slides on). TMD owner Joe Bakanovic mentioned to me he was interested in doing some empty ammo tubes, and with research assistance from Kurt Laughlin, Mike Canaday and myself, Joe created empty 75mm, 76mm, and 105mm tubes, as well as the 155mm charge tubes (Joe errs in including ammo in the product title—this size ammo did not come in tubes). This is a great way to dress up your dioramas, or leave a few empty tubes on the engine deck of your Shermans.

Check out TMD's website for their other update sets.


353001 M8 U.S. Ammo Trailer
353002 M10 U.S. Ammo Trailer

Upgrades and Accessories

352016M4 Sherman Hull Hatch Set for DML
353017M4 Sherman Early Split-Hatch TC Cupola for DML/Tamiya
353020M4 Sherman Oval Turret Hatch (Tamiya)
353022M4 Sherman Late (Big) Hull Hatches (Tamiya)
353151U.S. 75mm Ammo Packing Tubes (for 75mm tanks, not howitzers)
353152U.S. 76mm Ammo Packing Tubes
353153U.S. 105mm Ammo Packing Tubes
353154U.S. 155mm Ammo & Propellant Tubes
353155U.S. 75mm Howitzer Ammo

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