M4A3 Improved Rear Hull
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Tank WorkShop

With the release of Dragon's M4A3 Battle of the Bulge Sherman, I was quite pleased to find a lot of nice details included in the kit. However, some things did seem not well thought out. For one, the upper rear panel still needed work since it was visible that this was a modification of their M4A2 76mm kit. Next, the lower hull was not accurate. The hull bottom is that of a radial engined Sherman and the rear plate had an oversized door.

Tank WorkShop (TWS) has released a one piece correction for the latter problem. In a plastic bag with a heavy paper header, one will find the item in TWS' gray resin. No instructions are included nor needed as the item replaces the kit part.

The details are now much improved and include a smaller engine hatch, pilot holes for the hatch handle (you will need to make your own handle—I'll use the Bendicator), drilled out tow lugs, and relocated exhaust mounts.

Compared to the kit item, this is a marked improvement and a time saver as well. The only issue is that the hull bottom is still that of a radial engined tank. The only time saving correction is to buy Formations Models lower hull tub but the price difference is then much greater. Another thing for TWS to be aware of is that the resin does shrink. In this case, the replacement is 0.014 inch smaller so it is not much of a problem but in a larger item it mar cause scale and fit issues.

This item is recommended and I thank TWS for the product sample.

-Saul Garcia


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