Tank WorkShop
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Tank WorkShop has been one of the more successful aftermarket lines over the past ten years or so, offering a well-respected array of upgrades, particularly for Sherman kits. But as one of the oldest companies, it has undergone numerous changes in ownership.

Tank WorkShop was started in 1994 by Larry Provo and Randy Neely, formerly associated with the Panzer Concepts partnership that folded in 1993. They carried over some of the Panzer Concepts products into the new company. Provo had done the bulk of the work on the resin M26 Dragon Wagon, and Neely had mastered the M4 Sherman update series. They both worked full time and Neely did most of the M4 masters and the Soviet sets while Provo made the rail cars.

The company had a reputation for being on the cutting edge of the aftermarket world. Neely's interior for the T-34 was reportedly the first resin tank interior released in Japan. Neely also did the interior for the M4 Shermans and the trailer for the Dragon Wagon. Provo mastered a line of railroad cars, the interior for the Tiger 1, and the M4 series engines. After a few years Provo become the sole owner of the business and Neely focused on making masters.

Around 2000, Joe Bakanovic, owner of Tiger Model Designs, purchased Tank WorkShop and change the name to TWS, keeping the line separate from his own TMD line. But by 2005, Bakanovic decided to reposition TMD, which had expanded a bit too quickly. He divested the railroad products to Jose Rodriguez at Tiger Productions, and sold the TWS product line to Jay Galbierz in McDonough, Georgia. A modeler since he was 9, Galbierz decided to revive the old Tank WorkShop name, hoping to spark people's interest in the line. Master-maker Karl van Sweden, who has also engineered products for TMD, has helped keep Tank WorkShop moving with fresh Allied products.

Tank WorkShop's line of aftermarket sets is much more extensive than the review list below indicates. They are definately worth checking out.

0001M36B1 Conversion
0006M4A3 Improved Rear Hull
0066M3/M2/M5/M9 Halftrack Bogie, Drive, and Idler Upgrade
1005.50 Cal Ammo Containers



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