What's New in 2010
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


We close out this year with three new kits and one oldie but goodie that still holds up well after some three decades:



Regular visitors have likely picked up on my penchant for doing tandem projects of the same AFV from different manufacturers. This past spring I built two of the Army's early war light tanks. You can read about my updating of Tamiya's ancient U.S. Light Tank M3 Stuart, and next month I'll report on Academy's M3 Stuart.



  • In our final installment, I've dressed up the T19 with a host of accessories, some handmade tarps and sleeping bags, and dusty weathering suitable for Morocco.
  • I review the recent U.S. Jeep Officer from Doug's Originals.


  • Construction of DML's T19 Half-track shifts into the painting phase, and I've been working for the first time with some nice paints from Lifecolor.
  • I had some hopes for the new Preiser U.S. Airborne Troops, D-Day 1944, but they plummeted to the ground faster than a...well....


By coincidence, this month examines two self-propelled howitzers from DML:

  • I've written a construction review of the very nice T-19 Half-track, including step-by-step photos of the unique track and suspension assembly.
  • Cookie Sewell reports on Dragon's M7 Priest—Mid Production, which I'll have to add to my collection!


Coming off of two shows in less than a month, including a quick build of Academy's M3 Stuart for the MMFS show, I can now shift a little more attention to the site and some kit reviews.


I've posted photos of the completed diorama, "Lafayette, Baboon Has Arrived." I'll finish the write-up on the creation of the diorama in June.




Okay, Baboon is 95% complete. Check out these pictures while I press on with the rest of the diorama.






My energies right now are focused on getting Baboon built in time for the AMPS show in April. I've pulled together a narrative and my construction photos so you can see the detailing leading up to the point of painting, starting with the research into the historical Baboon.

January — Happy New Year!

As something of an armchair historian, I have a thing for dates, facts, anniversaries and such. Thus, I start off 2010 noting that it was 20 years ago this month I got back into modeling. To mark to occasion, I'm going to change things up a little bit here and promote two clubs I belong to that have shows this spring. I'm starting a new series of articles, Confessions of a Glue-sniffer: Twenty Years at the Modeling Bench, looking back on how modeling has evolved over this period. In the first entry, Band of Brothers, I talk about how I came to appreciate the importance of clubs in my enjoyment of this hobby.

I reach back into the shelves to reviews two nice Warriors sets that have been kicking around for a while: USMC Command Conference Set #1 and Set #2.

Finally, I have a new batch of photos taken a few weeks ago at the Fort Snelling Military Museum of the recently completed M3A1 half-track. It's a beauty!


Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter