WWII U.S. Sherman Tank Crew
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Neo Grade

Here's dour looking tanker, leaning against his rig, having a smoke. With no particular place to go.

He's dressed for cool weather, wearing the 1942 second pattern winter combat trousers under his combat jacket. Below all that, the ubiquitous woolen shirt.

His head and helmet are smaller than those found on Warriors or Verlinden figures, so you might need to do some swapping if standing him in that company. In unpainted resin, his shoes also seem to run small as well. Maybe that's why his face is pinched. His shoes are too tight! Or maybe they need paint to give them some heft.

The sculpting is a little softer and subtler than Warriors or Verlinden figures, yet all the details are there. There's no flash on the torso, arms, or head, and the parts fit together well. I like the way the unidentified sculptor hooked the thumb on the soldier's left hand into the opening of the pocket. It's a very natural and human element that suggests the artist has a good eye for people.

This is the first figure from Neo Grade and a worthy addition to the community. Particularly interesting is the packaging: a clear, medium-sized bottle, similar to a medicine bottle with a plain screw cap. The four-part figure was secured in plastic wrapping. The bottle will probably find a use on the modeling bench.



Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter