105mm Howitzer Kits
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

105mm Howitzer Kits, Upgrades, and Accessories

This list of kits and "fix-up" items will help modelers interested in building and improving 105mm howitzer kits. I didn't list more generic items such as Sherman photoetch; and there are choices from Tasca, Academy, Formations, and others to replace the lame 50mm machine gun on the Italeri Priest.

Academy Models

AFV Club

  • F35182 U.S. 105mm Howitzer M2A1 w/M2A2 Gun Carriage (WWII)
  • AF35184 Ammunition Crates and Containers for 105mm Howitzer
  • AG35030 U.S. 105mm Brass Howitzer Ammo set

Barrel Depot

  • 35028 105mm Howitzer (barrel and mantlet)

Blast Models Limited

  • 6354 U.S. M7 Priest Stowage

Dragon Models Limited

Eduard Model Accessories

  • 35051 M7 Priest Mesh (Italeri kit)
  • 35242 M101 Howitzer (Italeri kit)
  • 35446 DUKW with 105mm Howitzer Photo Etched (Italeri kit)
  • 35847 M4A3 Sherman 105mm gun (Tamiya kit)
  • 35969 M4A3 Sherman 105mm gun (Dragon kit)
  • 35052 M7 Priest Ammo Boxes (Academy kit)
  • 36053 M7 Priest Interior (Academy kit)



  • 206 M7 Priest (reboxed by Testors and Tamiya, currently out of production)
  • 319 M101 105mm Howitzer (currently out of production)
  • 6429 DUKW w/105mm Howitzer

Hobby Fan

  • HF707 WWII U.S. Marines Gun Crew
  • HF708 WWII U.S. Army Gun Crew


  • 35083 M2A 105mm Howitzer Wheels (2 types)

Kendall Model Company

Legend Productions

  • 1156 M7 Priest Stowage Set

Masters Productions

  • 35031 105mm Howitzer Wheels
  • 35032 Canvas covered 105mm Howitzer
  • 35010 U.S. M10 Ammo Trailer



  • 539 105mm Howitzer Priest (out of production)

Royal Models

  • 0418 M7 Priest #1 Detail Set
  • 0420 M7 Priest #2 Detail Set
  • 0421 M7 Priest #3 Detail Set




Verlinden Productions

Voyager Model

Warriors Scale Models

Fiber Containers
Cloverleaf Bundles
Boxes and Markings
Metal Container
Common Rounds for Modelers
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105mm Howitzer Kits, Upgrades, and Accessories


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