M3 Lee Style Suspension
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


After coming up with a quick fix for the incorrectly sized Academy M3 Lee suspension bracket, it was natural for Formations to go the next step with a complete early VVSS suspension which would be used in a host of situations, from the early M4A1 to the early M7 Priest. So this set includes the arms, a dozen open-spoked wheels (and one spare), along with a set of open idlers and idler mounts. Six mounting plates are also provided, which you may need depending on what manufacturer's hull you are working with.

As with the quick-fix set, the detail is good but the clean up will require some time and effort. My set's road wheels were cast just a bit out of round. This might not be so noticeable once the wheels are painted, weathered, and set in place on the tracks, but you’ll want to look closely and judge for yourself. The wheels need to be drilled through the center to be mounted in the suspension. Personally, I was satisfied using Academy's wheels with the quick fix set for the M3 Lee. If you have some wheels in the spares box, just make sure you dry fit everything before getting happy with the superglue.

The instructions are clear and construction should be straightforward. Take care when removing the suspension arms from the carriers; I'd suggest separating the part at the corners first and then cutting the center connect points.

Overall, the value of this set depends on how much you need the wheels and if you'll be using a hull that needs mounting plates. If you are just fixing the Academy Lee, you might be satisified with the less extensive, less expensive quick fix set.

Thanks to Formations for the review sample.



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