M4A3 Sponson Fillers for Tamiya w/Exhaust Deflectors
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


I guess when Tamiya decides to equip its M4A3 Shermans with sponsons we will all know that hell has officially frozen over. Until then, Formations literally fills the gap with this popular set. The sponson plates feature the weld seams and drain plugs. The instructions show where to remove a couple thin slices of the Tamiya bulkhead wall surface.

Rob Ervin has sweetened the value of these sponsons, originally sold by themselves, by including his very fine exhaust reflector. This is a splendid replacement for the thick-vaned kit part, and features the rod that swings outward to adjust the downward pitch of the deflector. A pair of filler plates and sandshield mounting plates provide parts long missing from the Tamiya M4A3s.

True, you could work out the sponson problem with some plastic card. And you could fashion your own improved deflector as Mike Canaday demonstrates. But since Mike actually created the master pattern for the Formations deflector, you can see the results of his nice work and save yourself a bit of time to devote to your next Sherman.



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