Legend Productions
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Legend is a resin company from Korea that is quite good. The emphasis is on German subjects but there is a decent number of American AFV upgrade kits (M10, M5A1, Sherman turrets and hulls) and figures which tend more towards Tamiya size. Single figures are (relatively) attractively priced in the $8 range.

Legend picked up some of the figures previously produced by Corée and Dynasty.


0011U.S. Tank Crew #1
0012U.S. Tank Crew #2
0013U.S. MP
0014U.S. 82nd Airborne Officer
0015U.S. 101st Airborne Indian Head
0021U.S. 82nd Airborne Officer and German POW (Same GI as #14)
0040U.S. Heads Set (8) WWII
0050 (3503)Rushing to Normandy (ex-Corée)
0051 (3504)Crawling to Normandy (ex-Corée)
0069 (3522)U.S. Tank Crew WWII (ex-Corée)
0080 (3533)U.S. Infantry WWII (ex-Corée)
0081 (3534)U.S. Soldiers WWII (ex-Corée)
0086 (3539)U.S. General Patton & Willie (ex-Dynasty)

0097 (3550)

Are You Reading, Kid? (ex-Dynasty)
0102 (3555) U.S. Tank Crew Set (ex-Corée/Dynasty)
0111Head Set (12 bare heads)

Accessories and Conversion Sets

LF1020U.S. Army Vehicle's Accessory Set (WWII)
LF1090Sherman M4A3 Sandbag Armor Set
LF1116Sherman Stowage Set
LF1117M4A3 Sandbag Armor Set
LF1138M39 Conversion Set (for AFV Club M-18)

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