M4A3 Sandbag Armor Set
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Legend Productions

This is a ten-piece successor to Legend's Sherman M4A3 Sandbag Armor Set, with additional bags for the hull and the more significant protection for the T-23 turret. There's enough variations between the common pieces between the previous set and this one (wooden box is moved to the opposite side of the glacis armor, a few links of T54 tracks peek out from between bags) so that you can probably outfit two tanks without drawing attention to the similarities.

The turret armor is well-conceived and is, to my knowledge, the only such item on the market unless you can find Kirin's out-of-production offering from the early 1990s.

Again, no instructions come with the kit, so you have to refer to the box photo and play around with the pieces a little bit. Other comments regarding the casting and and build-up of Legend's other set apply to this effort as well.

Unless you are afraid of invoking the ghost of General Patton and a stern lecture about the weight and strain on the tank and the ultimate futility of this earthen protection, you should enjoy this set.

And if you do hear old Blood and Guts snarl, you might want to put the cap on the glue and get some fresh air!



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