Sherman M4A3 Sandbag Armor Set
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Legend Productions

This is a ten-piece resin set to wrap around your Shermie. Amid the piles of sandbags are a wooden box and a jerry can. One of the two pieces that flank the large center section protecting the glacis has the front headlight cast in place. Poking out of the center piece is the barrel of the hull .30 machine gun.

Included in the set is a carrier with the three-pronged handle for the jerry can, and two triangular pieces, left- and right-handed, that have three bolts along one edge. Since there are no instructions included, it took me a while to determine that they are to be attached to vertical inner front fender supports, serving as extra support for the horizontal shelf that spans the Sherman's nose and supports the bags.

The bags roughly measure under 24" or about knee-high, which I've heard is about right for this period. They are a bit larger than similar sets I have from Custom Dioramics and Kirin, but similar in size to Blast sandbags, so plan accordingly if you're looking to use different types in the same setting. This set forms the basis for Legend's follow-on M4A3 Sandbag Armor, but that set includes additional bags and a few different components to vary the look of the hull protection.

The parts are nicely detailed and the sculptor (presumably Y.S. Park, who designed the other M4A3 armor set) has given them a good sense of variety and weight. The backside of the center piece provides space to accommodate the travel lock and .30 details molded onto the DML and Tamiya hulls. While the pieces are cleanly cast, they have substantial carriers that need to be removed, particularly from the long side pieces.

This is a good set and, if you don't like rolling epoxy bags yourself, a convenient way to up-armor your armor.




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