U.S. Army Vehicle's Accessory Set (WWII)
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Legend Productions

You can never have too much gear on your WWII AFVs (unless, of course, you're blocking your air vents or turret movement). Legend provides a modest collection that offers a pair each of assorted sleeping bags, tent rolls, tarps, netting, duffle and barracks bags that can rest on or hang from your tank, truck, or jeep.

The pieces are nicely sculpted by S.T. Park, with the exception of the larger hanging tarp (first column, second from top in the photo), which has its back shaved off, removing about a third of the tarp's visible fabric. There are some thick pour plugs on the back sides of the parts that can be nibbled at with sprue cutters or a hobby saw.

Otherwise, this is a good set to mix in with all those ubiquitous Verlinden packs you probably have in your spares box. There is some overlap between this set and Legend's Sherman Stowage Set, so you may want to consider the larger set for more variety and value.




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