"Reading FM, Kid?" U.S. Sergeant & Private
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Dynasty Scale Models

This is a curious little figure set. A young private sits stiffly on a run of sandbags, legs close together, reading the popular literary magazine FM that he’s pulled from his duffle bag. Next to him is a sergeant, reading over the private’s shoulder.

The private is wears the M1941 khaki jacket, suspenders and cartridge belt, with canvas leggings over his service boots and his M1 steel pot on his head. The sarge, however, is dressed in a wool shirt with double breast pockets and trousers, with no leggings or gear. On his head is the billed “crusher” cap we more often associate with WWII pilots than infantry in the front lines. So this pair would be most at home in a rear echelon setting, perhaps a “repple depot” where new reinforcements would be assigned to their combat units.

The figures are nicely sculpted by Jung H. Seo. The sarge is given a bit of a paunch, and his face has more of a grizzled look to it. If you don’t like the crusher cap, you could saw it off and give him a helmet. Flash is minimal and there are no significant seams.

The set comes with a base on which the sandbags and duffle bag are molded, which is beneficial if you like vignettes or expendable if you work these figures into a larger scene.



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