Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Formations was founded by Rob Ervin in 2003 and primarily devoted to upgrading Sherman kits, both in U.S. and British service, from various manufacturers. Over time he developed more than 75 products, including updates for the M3A1 and M5A1 Stuarts, and a reputation for excellence in both products and service. In 2011, Rob decided to escape the business pressures and sold Formations to John Rybak of JTR Hobby. So those great accessories that modelers have come to rely on should be available for years to come—though I'm going to make sure I have enough Sherman pioneer tools on hand for the next 20 years!

F007Air Cleaners for Radial Engine Shermans
F008M4A2 Conversion for Academy M10 Kit
F010U.S. WWII Antenna Mounts and Masts
F011M4A3 Sponson Fillers for Tamiya w/Exhaust Deflectors
F013U.S. WWII Vehicles Cables and Clamps
F018Sherman Pioneer Tools
F028M4A1 Direct Vision Hull
F036M5A1 Conversion for AFV Club M3A3 kit
F069Quick Fix Suspension Set for Academy's M3 Lee
F070M3 Lee Style Suspension
F075U.S. Water Cans
F079M4 Conversion for Dragon Sherman III
F093Riveted Sherman Lower Hull
F094M4 Direct Vision Upper Hull

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter