Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

A Belgian company, Resicast is noted for its excellent offerings of WWII U.K. AFVs and airborne figures. But they also have some full resin Sherman variants and a handful of GI figures. In 2006, they added a couple of artillery pieces to the mix.


35529U.S. Dozer Driver, ETO
35530U.S. Dozer Driver & Soldier, Pacific
35584US Para Equipment (weapons and gear included with para figures below)
35585U.S. Para Standing with M1 Carbine
35586U.S. Para Seated with Thompson
35587U.S. Para Seated Drinking from Water Bottle

Vehicles and Artillery

35144U.S. Dozer
35159M4A1 75mm Dry Late
35163Rooter H3 (towed behind dozer)
35165Sherman M4A1 75mm Dry Intermediate
35166Sherman DD M4A1 Early
35167Sherman DD Late
35168Utility Trailer and Assault Boats
35183M1 57mm Gun
35184Range Field Kitchen M1937 (conversion for Tamiya's U.S. 2 ½ Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck)
35118775mm M8 Pack Howitzer
352295Priest 105mm Ammunition, Crates and Spent Ammo Cases
352307U.S. Priest Stowage No. 1

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