U.S. Para Seated Drinking from Water Bottle
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


The third resting paratrooper figure from Resicast, this GI is about to take a swig from his uncased canteen. With his legs crossed at the ankles, his boots are separate pieces, along with the arms and head.

The soldier is armed with an M1 Garand, with a bandolier of ammo hanging from his chest (a separate piece, for which you'll need to add a strap). Along with most of the equipment of the other Resicast figures, he also has a pair of wire cutters, an M1943 entrenching tool, and empty canteen carrier.

The only cleanup necessary is a molding plug on the posterior of the figure.

Again, this is a smart addition to Resicast's U.S. airborne collection.



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