U.S. Para Seated With Thompson
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


The second of Resicast's airborne trio, this figure sits—a little stiffly, perhaps—with one hand on his knee and the other holding onto his Tommy gun. It's understandable that he might not feel very relaxed in enemy territory. The figure is cast in four parts, and with the exception of a few small molding plugs to remove, the casting is virtually flawless.

In a little ziplock baggie, separate from the baggie containing the figure parts, are several carriers of gear and weapons similar to those found with the other two figures. The additional items are magazine pouches for the Thompson submachine gun. The gun itself is packaged with the figure parts, the left hand molded onto it for a good, realistic grip. With no extra straps molded to the figure, you can add the straps to the various ammo bags and lay them on the ground next to him. Again, choose the rubberized M7 gas mask carrier.

As with his companions, this figure is on the short side of the 1/35 scale, though his submachine gun is the same size as those from Warriors and Tamiya. I was hoping to group them with a pair of resting paratroopers from CMK, who stand at 6'4". At least at this point the match-up is a bit incongruous, partly due to size, partly due to exquisite detail of the Resicast figures and the less refined CMK chaps. Let's hope that Resicast has more of these devils in baggy pants up their sleeve—so to speak.



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