Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

MK35 is a French company that produces over a dozen sets of resin U.S. figures. Casting is generally quite good though the crispness of details varies a bit. Figures size between Warriors and Tamiya figures. Prices are generally $13 for a single figure; double that for a pair.

F006U.S. MP, Ardennes 1944
F007GI in Overcoat #1, WWII
F009GI in Winter Dress, 1944-45
F016GI in Overcoat #2, WWII
F033U.S. heads, in WWII helmets
F038GI displaying captured Nazi flag (1 figure)
F044U.S. tank commander, 1944 (1 figure)
F067"Go!," GI pulling small trailer (1 figure in melton and white sheet)
F074GI 1944-45 (1 figure)
F078U.S. Prisoner - Ardennes 1944-45
F084GI mine detector operator, African-American (1 figure)
F109U.S. WWII Tank Commander (1 figure)
F114MP Ardennes 1944-45 #2
F118U.S. Soldiers Seated in a Vehicle # 1
F119U.S. Soldiers Seated in a Vehicle # 2
F134WWII U.S. Mechanic #1 (1 figure)
F137WWII U.S. Dodge Crew Members (2 figures)
F167U.S. Paratrooper France 1944 (1 figure)
F168Black U.S. Soldier Carrying a Jerrycan (1 figure)
F204U.S. Soldiers Fastening Blocks of TNT (2 figures)
F210 GI Eating - Ardennes 1944-45 (1 figure)
F212GI Wounded Seated (1 figure)
F229 Ranger of the 2nd Battalion - Normandy 1944 (1 figure)

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter