Le Liberatéur
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Dropped from an airplane through a storm of burning lead, sucked into the head deep waters of a flooded field, pushed through the thickets of the bocage in search of his fellow fighters, comes a man to help liberate a continent from evil.

Like many of us, I got a better appreciation of the heroics and sacrifices of U.S. airborne troops through the mini-series Band of Brothers. This 120mm figure from Verlinden, "Easy Company 101st Airborne Thompson Gunner" (1788) is my second large scale figure, following DML's 1/16 101st Airborne figure. I'm still trying to get that figure's Mohawk-shaven head to look right, but I think I did a respectable job on this one. I hope it will help give some pointers to those of you building airborne figures of any scale.

Verlinden's kit is very nice, while benefiting from some enhancements. It comes with a small base, but being a diorama guy I wanted to give a stronger visual sense to the presentation. As I built this in the weeks leading up to the 60th anniversary of the launch of the liberation of France, I decided to use the base to help symbolize and honor that effort. Even the name of the piece was chosen to underscore this theme.

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Construction and Detailing
Paint and Decals
Base and Presentation


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