Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Based in California, Jaguar is one of the earliest companies to take on Verlinden’s primacy producing resin figures. Jaguar has employed a number of excellent sculptors who have provided superior figures and other AFV related items. Figure size runs more in the middle of the spectrum. Many Jaguar figures have one or both hands molded onto a weapon and provide more exact placement of arms, which is easier work with. Jaguar items are widely available and are generally priced at $20-$24 per pair of figures. The company has not offered any new figures for several years, unfortunately, but continues to produce the existing line.

63103U.S. Refueling Party
63014"Out of Gas" (2 figures)
63023Sandbag detail, U.S. Tankers
63065Captured GI with Captor, Ardennes 1944
63095Steamboat Willie and His Captor (2 figures)
63097Reloading M8 .50 Cal Machine Gunner
63098M8/M20 Driver with MP Directing Traffic
63105Screaming Eagle and German Captor, Normandy '44 (2 figures)
63108Wounded U.S. Bazooka Team, Normandy 1944 (2 figures)
63116"Nylons" Jeep Driver and Village Woman (2 figures)
63123"Kelly and the Entrepreneurs" (4 figures)
63133"Get Out!"
63305U.S. Tank Commander (1 figure)
63134"Oddball's Tank Crew" (4 figures)
63139"Good to See You" Ardennes 1944



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