Captured G.I. W/Captor, Ardennes 1944
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This set depicts an all-too-familiar situation during the early days of the Battle of the Bulge: an American soldier walking with his German captor close behind, his MP40 held at the ready.

The GI wears the long wool Melton overcoat, sans any gear. His arms are up and behind his head, his hands clasped around the back of his helmet. He wears the M1943 leather boot with attached buckled gaiters, as well as a frustrated look on his face.

The German figure has a long stride, and sculptor Brian Stewart has given some nice undercuts to the long winter overcoat that is worn under a camouflaged smock. Hanging from his belt are separately molded map case, magazine pouch and bread bag. The figure's hands, clad in heavy mittens, are molded to his machine gun. The delicate folding wire stock is separately attached; two are provided in case of breakage. The barrel of the gun is also an individual piece on the same carrier as the helmet. Some careful fitting will be required for these items.

This set also comes with a base, a couple fence posts and a discarded M1910 entrenching tool --- nice if your modeling focus is on figures, pretty useless if it isn't.

The figures scale out a bit over 6'. The GI's head and helmet are a bit smaller than comparably sized figures from Verlinden, Warriors and YANKS. But they should blend pretty well with others in a setting of those grim days in the Ardennes.



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