S&T Products
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

S&T Products primarily produces figures, and most of those to date are 1/16 scale. They feature some of the best sculptors in the business, including Brian Stewart, Trevor Hensley, and John Rosengrant (who has been a longtime make-up and special effects guru for the Stan Winston Studio and has worked on such films as The Terminator, Aliens, Pearl Harbor, and two Jurassic Park films). In 2005 S&T began to increase their 1/35 scale output with four individual U.S. tankers, sculpted by Rosengrant. He delivered a handful of battle-hardened looking infantry in early 2007.

35003U.S. Tanker, WWII (full figure)
35004U.S. Tank Loader, WWII (half figure)
35005U.S. Tank Driver, WWII (half figure)
35006U.S. Tank Radio Operator, WWII (half figure)
35007Sherman Crew, Winter
35008 GI Winter 1944 BAR Gunner
35009 GI Leaning Winter 44
35010 Squad Leader Winter 44
35011 GI Winter 44
35012 GI Winter 44



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