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Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

155mm Gun Emplacements

Naturally, emplacements were devised to meet the needs of expediency and protection, taking into account the terrain at hand. So what was a gun emplacement supposed to look like?

The ever-resourceful Kurt Laughlin provided me with these two diagrams of "official" emplacements. I used the first one as the basis for my diorama setting. The latter style was often seen in Vietnam, where firebases were static. Check out the Brave Cannons web site for some great photos of emplacements of this era.

Building Italeri's 155mm Howitzer
Background on the 155mm Howitzer
Overview of the Model and References
Building the Howitzer Assembly

Building the Carriage Assembly
Painting and Accessories
Pictures from the Technical Manual
155mm Ammunition
Pictures of Museum 155mm Howitzer


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